Questions for Our Founders

Why start a sports apparel brand? Isn’t the market inundated with brands from the sporty to the sublime already?

The answer is simple - these brands are made of nylon and polyester (plastics), which are bad for the planet. 

By using eco-friendly bamboo and Spandex to provide strength and compression instead of plastic, we have turned the ordinary into something extraordinary.  OSHәN’s fabric is like none other in the market.  

Our skin can breathe due to Bamboo’s nature, it has a thermal core that keeps you cooler in the Summer and Warmer in the Winter.  Plastic will suffocate the skin and this can’t be good for you after an amazing workout;  Bamboo will allow the airflow in and skin will breathe.

Bamboo’s natural attributes contribute to your workout wellness while enveloping the oceans and environment in a blanket of KINDNESS.  Here are some facts:

  • Antibacterial- keeps you odor free and feeling and smelling fresh.
  • Powerfully Insulating – as mentioned above, it has a natural thermal core.
  • Highly Sweat Absorbent- (Pulls moisture from skin for evaporation- moisture wicking).  It keeps you dry.
  • One of the softest yet strongest fabrics on the planet.  It is used for buildings and clothing as well!
  • Natural UV – protectant – protect yourself from harmful rays.
  • Bamboo is Stronger than Steel
  • Most ECO-FRIENDLY fabric on the planet.
  • Bamboo is grown without fertilizers and pesticides. 

In the past Bamboo’s pulp was limited to the production of paper.  Due to modern manufacturing and some old-fashioned grit Bamboo pulp has been turned into a fiber which can be used to make yarn and fabric.  The Natural Bamboo plant keeps itself thermally regulated and like its’ other properties, is also maintained in its fabric form.  The cross-section of the bamboo fiber is covered with micro-gaps giving the fabric better moisture absorption and ventilation.

Bamboo is uber-sustainable thus giving it the nick-name Super Green Grass that grows at an astounding rate.  Bamboo spawns 4 to 6 new shoots a year while growing approximately 1 ¼ inches per hour.  It can actually grow 2 feet in a day!

With this being said please join our movement ә, we’re taking sports apparel manufacturing in another direction!!!

By Tammy Keller and Jeffrey Gold